Shop in person:

Note: Parking in back, entrance in back 

Jan 2, 2023 Grand opening

Young Building (Big old blue house)

323 W Hopkins St San Marcos TX 78666


Mon 1230-730p



Thur 1230-730p

Fri 1230-630p

Sat & Sun : 12:00p-430p

Dear mystic,

Wade Vetiver here, owner of the Solidago Herbal Apothecary & Esoterica, and The Order of Aradia publishing.

The Mind: Wade Vetiver herbalist, mystic, scientist, alchemist, and artist.
The Body: Solidago, the genus of the herb Goldenrod, means "to make whole". The magic and wellbeing brought by herbs are the core of this shop.
The Spirit: The patrons, knowledge, and community that support Wade Vetiver, and Solidago. The Order of Aradia is reserved for this community. Aradia, the folkloric figure of resistance to the opressor and overcoming through magic, is the patron figure of the community-- to shed ignorance and shine light upon all those that seek. 


The mission of this venture is:

Self improvement through magic and mindfulness, 
To make whole through traditional herbals,
A sense of belonging,
Luck and beauty,
And above all, No harm.

Blessed be and Enjoy! - WV