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Terms upon visiting and sale:

Policy: Visiting this store and/or website (operated by Wade Vetiver LLC) the customer agrees to these terms in full, otherwise they may not visit the store/site or make a purchase.

About: Wade Vetiver LLC may refer to several concepts within the Wade Vetiver brand (The Order of Aradia, Solidago, Solidago Herbals, Wade Vetivers Apothecary and Esoterica, Wyxii, and Wade Vetiver) but will herby be referred to as Wade Vetiver LLC.

Code of conduct: We reserve the right to refuse business to anyone that violates or infringes on our culture of safety, inclusion, and respect. Disrespectful speech or behavior (including those in online communities and social media) or disruptive behavior observed will lead to being banned from the shop, events, and online store at the discretion of the shop owner, it’s employees, or community moderators.

Liability waiver: Purchasing party assumes all responsibility for use of their purchases and no liability is held by Wade Vetiver LLC (or its employees, affiliations, or other branches) for their use or misuse of any product. Wade Vetiver LLC assumes no liability for a customers actions with a product, the customer is entirely responsible to be aware of their own dietary limits, allergies, and mental wellbeing. No legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of any of the customers decisions, subsequent to, or based on, the services or products received by Wade Vetiver LLC.

FDA Disclaimer: The FDA has not evaluated any claims in this store, on its website, or its products and no product intends to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Entertainment disclaimer: Any reference to magic (magick), psychic, tarot, readings, energy, classes, mystery school, or spells are sold as curio and are for entertainment purposes only. All statements are no substitute for free will and common sense and are not a substitute for legal, business, financial, or medical advice. No person is forced against their will to believe or act on any alleged outcomes, nor are outcomes guaranteed.

Curio/Art/Baneful: Are sold as curio and are for entertainment purposes only and are not intended to be opened, purchaser agrees to waiver and understanding of entertainment disclaimer. Any use or misuse of the product is within the responsibility of the customer. Items should never be injested, and kept out of reach of children and pets.

Food/Beverage/Allergy disclaimer: Do not ingest products, or serve food on any products, that do not specifically indicate that they are for food or beverage use. While good practices are maintained, this facility comes in contact with nuts (including coconut, almond, and peanut), honey, eggs, dairy, pollen, plant matter, Asteraceaes, trees, and many common allergens. Those with serious allergies should avoid the use of all products.

Medical disclaimers: Consult a physician before using herbal products if you are pregnant, nursing, intend to become pregnant, or have existing conditions being treated or medicated. If any irritation occurs from topical products, discontinue use.

Refunds and exchanges: will be made with reasonable accommodation if you are not satisfied with the product. The product originally purchased will need to be returned to complete a refund or an exchange, a shipping label will be provided to you.

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