Apply to Join the Witch Market

Please introduce yourself and include information about your handcrafted brand or products and (if you have them) any links to social media, website, etsy, etc as applicable. If it sounds like a good fit, we can start a dialogue!

This market is specifically seeking handcrafted objects by small creators, at the time, not seeking additional metaphysical supplies like those already in the shop. Thank you :)

If chosen as a partner these are the following fees:
 To list your products: Free! 
Option 1: Listing only: 10% commission of total sale, label fee, and $1 credit card fee, upon sale. Product will be listed in the witch market.
Option 2: Promotion + listing20% commission of total sale, label fee, and $1 credit card fee upon sale. Promotion includes, social media blast, link tree link, newsletter blast, listed as a featured product for one week then moved to a top featured item. Length of terms are a minimum of 1 week upon any promoted blast, and can be reduced to a non-promoted product upon request.
Payment: Upon sale, you'll be sent a pay-out and a shipping label (optional) to send the item to the customer. Payment sent to creators cashapp or venmo.
Shipping: Creator will be sent a customer shipping label. Creator will ship the product to the customer.
This venture is about building community and relationships and high quality customer experiences for magical objects. Please understand The Order of Aradia may list or remove any product of their choosing at any time. 
Submitting this form agrees to the outlined above.