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Byzantine altar charcoal

Specialty altar charcoal imported from Greece. Traditionally used in orthodox spaces. As the charcoal and incense are offered in prayer, it is customary to bury the ash in a place where it will not be walked on.

Per Roll:
7 tablets
22mm diameter
Lights quickly
25-30 minute burn time
Recommended to be gently broken into smaller pieces for shorter rites.

This charcoal contains a small amount of gunpowder to help it ignite more quickly.
Use caution when igniting your charcoal; while over or in a fire safe area, light with tongs over a candle flame or a long grill-style lighter or match or directly in the vessel. Avoid lighting under flowing air to avoid flying sparks which could cause damage or fire to nearby surfaces.

Avoid contact with sparks.
Keep flammable items away from burning charcoal.
Empty your charcoal ash regularly, after the ash has cooled completely.
Do not burn incense unattended and keep out of reach from children and pets.

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