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Uncrossing (educational event)

Note this is a ticketed event and refunds are not available after 72 hours of purchase.

In this 2 hour course we will discuss:
-The art and folk practices associated with removing hexes, curses, the evil eye, and unexplained streaks of bad luck.
-Practices: Clandestine information and spells from historical works
-Historical methods: Apotropaic, transmutation, binding, banishing, exorcism, celestial aid, reversals
-Recipes: Herbs, fire, smokes, teas and washes

Pre-requisite: this is a part of an advanced practices series, the student must have an established practice over one year OR have taken the introduction to western magick course.

Disclaimer: for educational purposes only, this course is not a substitute for medical, legal or business advice; nor is it replacement for ones own free will or common sense and therefore personal outcomes are not guaranteed.

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